Project Totus


In Latin “Totus” means whole. This is what Project Totus is about, learning to become whole in a world that encourages us to live fractured lives. I have chosen  my Project Totus to become my efforts to reconnect with my body through nutrition, physical health, and emotional healing. But Project Totus isn’t limited to those things that I have chosen. What place in your life do you need to seek wholeness? I hope my journey will inspire you to take hold of your life and put the pieces back together.

Maybe your Project Totus is learning to take ten minutes to yourself every day. Maybe it is taking time to learn to relax. Maybe you want to create the habit of journaling your thoughts. Maybe it is finally joining in on that kareoke session you’ve always wanted…


Only you can determine the things that you need to promote wholeness, wellness, in your own life. Here are some ideas that you could do to kickstart your own efforts toward Project Totus:

  • Sign up for an art class or a hobby you’ve always wanted to participate in
  • Write a letter to a friend you’ve been out of touch with and miss significantly
  • Join a gym and take time to learn how to best exercise your body
  • Commit to learn a week’s worth of new recipes

Project Totus is really a trial and error exercise in figuring out our own needs. Join me as I haphazardly document my path to becoming whole.



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