How I Got My Name

I always love to hear the stories on how people got their names. My name is Jasmine Dione Banks. My middle name is from Dionne Warwick (thanks mom!), for no other reason then the fact that my mom liked Dionne Warwick. I wish my story was a little different. Something more heroic maybe? Alas… no…. my mom was a hippie. She loved Dionne Warwick and ┬áthis song. THIS is how I got my first name. How were you named?



  1. I love song names! Mine is boring…I’m named after a family member… My Grandma Bertha. Thank goodness they only named me sort of after her!

  2. Yes I did an do still love this song I don’t know I like to think that something more was going on because you do have a love for music and have a beautiful voice like angel when you seeing how this song was the number one Instrumental in 1958 just goes to show that your always number one in my book.

    • You crack me up mom! I do love my name. Although I am still convinced I should have been named Lula or Lola. I love those names! OOoh or Tallulah!

  3. What an awesome name story! I love your namesake song.

    It was my Dad’s turn to name the next child and he chose Linda. * Yawn* of a story, I know, but I do like my name at least. :)
    But, my hubby and I named our 2nd daughter Melissa after trying on many names with no luck. We walked around for days starting conversations with “how about Emily?” How about Rachel? lol.. Then one morning I woke up with the Allman Brothers song “Sweet Melissa” running through my head. I woke up hubby and told him and the rest is history. Well, except for the many talks trying to figure out the best middle name, but I don’t want to bore you and your readers.

    Great topic!

    • When we named our kids we wanted names that had depth and meaning. So we chose Isaiah, Addison, and Tobias. I love name stories!

  4. I wasn’t named after a song. I was named after a distant cousin LaLani. My mom wanted I be different (her name is Shraina) so she named me NaLonni (nay-lah-knee). Love my name although I am seeing a spike in Nalonnis around the US. How dare they!!!

  5. I’ll start calling you Tallulah if you’d like. I was also named after a song…about a dog. Yeah.

    • Haha! That is hilarious! My dad loved Barry Manelow or however you spell his name!

    • And I would want to be called Lula or Lola. I love this name. I’ve begged Garrett to name a child that… still no luck.

  6. I was meant to be Regina but my grandmother knew a girl from her school days with the same name. Apparently she had bug eyes and always made my grandma uncomfortable. So, the name was shortened to Gina. When I was young I wished they’d kept Regina. I wanted so badly to be called Reggie.

  7. My dad gave me my middle name Dorinda. Sigh, I was named after the main character’s girlfriend in a movie he watched. I’ve yet to watch the movie to determine if I need to come up with a different story or not…

  8. …nothing wrong with that … my name was picked by my grandmother from a novela

  9. My mom’s favorite aunt, Great Aunt Sally, died the day she found out she was pregnant with me. Our names, Sally and Sara, have the same meaning… princess.

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