Christmas Lists & Roller Derby Gear Game

I surprised myself this year! My mother-in-law asks for a Christmas list with links every year. I always hem and haw and then come up with some kind random list, but I rarely know all year what I want. THIS year, however, I knew exactly what I wanted. My list was full of links and requests for Roller Derby, which means, as I’ve written about before, I have discovered my passion. So I threw together a fun little game to see how many derby fans are out there.

Try and see if you recognize all the items and if you can name what they do. (the answers are in the comment section)

Also, will you head on over here—> HERE and hit the “like” button for the NWA Roller Derby fan page. I take my MSR (minimum skills test) on Sunday and, if I pass, I’ll be an official member of the team.

Happy Holidays, y’all!

Have a very derby Christmas


  1. Answer Key: 1) Moldable mouth guard 2) Arnica for bruises and bumps 3) bearings! 4) multi tool 5) gumball stopper 6)bearing oil 7) duct tape for taping on gear 8) knee gaskets for securing knee pads 9) padded shorts… for sensitive tailbones


  2. #7 is a trick question. The answer is EVERYTHING! :)


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