Shrek and Donkey had their usual hilarious dialogues...

We loved Shrek The Musical at The Walton Arts Center…Sugar Meltdowns and All

Last night we had the pleasure of attending the opening night of Shrek: The Musical at The Walton Arts Center. We loaded the two year old and the five year old up in the ole mini van and told them that we were going to watch Shrek.

Isaiah retorted, “How are we going to do that, Mom! Shrek is on the TV!” I explained to him that this Shrek show was just like that time we saw Stomp! “It is going to be live on stage and you get to see Shrek, Fiona, and even Donkey!” The kids squealed and were off… totally unprepared for what was in store for us.


I am utterly impressed with the staff at the Walton Arts Center! We walked into the building and immediately knew we were in for a treat.

Boo Pops!

The Walton Arts Center staff have pumpkin skills!

The concessions area was decked out in Halloween  decor, bubbling apothecary jars, eyes balls, and lots of spooky spider webs. I’ve been to many performing art centers in several difference cities. I’ve NEVER see a performing arts center go to this length to create just an environment for its patrons. Seriously y’all…. I was just as excited as my kids and the show hadn’t even started.

How CUTE are these!

We grabbed our green Shrek drinks and spooky cookies and made our way to our seats. As the lights went down and the intro began I was shocked at the vivid costumes and scenery. Each costume was SO detailed and amazing, their voices were beautiful, and the punchlines were killer.

Shrek and Donkey had their usual hilarious dialogues…

It was one of those shows that kids AND parents can appreciate, which is hugely important. All of my favorite scenes from the movie were translated onto the stage and I found myself laughing aloud. The actors in this show are  tremendously talented.

Lord Farquaad was AWESOME!

About the time intermission hit my two little ones, who refused to eat dinner and were hopped up on green Shrek drinks and cookies, hit a wall with their patience and started to freak out. Sugar crash meltdown, y’all. If you were at the show the shrieking and wailing child that was quickly whisked outside was totally my kid… and if you were on the street, the other child that laid on the sidewalk and refused to get in the van was totally my kid too.

Once blood sugar was stabilized and each child was securely tucked into bed they were all smiles and reported, “MOM! Shrek was totally awesome…can we go back?!”

I responded, “What was your favorite part, Isaiah?” He grinned at me, “Uuuuuh… I really liked the dragon, but THE BRAINS IN THE JAR!” Leave it to my kids to love the decor more than the show, they also enjoy reading Martha Stewart Living on the toilet, so I am not surprised.

If you are in the Northwest Arkansas area check out this show!  You will NOT be dissappointed. Take the kids and make a night of it! The show runs until Nov. 4th!

But word to the wise: make sure the kids eat more than cookies for dinner, else you be forced to peel a wailing toddler up off the sidewalk and catch strange stares as you stuff your kid in the van screaming, “Oooooh gaaaaaawd I need more Shrek, MOM!!!!”

What is YOUR favorite Shrek character and line? Mine is: ONIONS! We have layers!



  1. So many good lines. I really enjoy the first film. I really love the line when Shrek accepts Donkey staying with him and Donkey replies “This is going to be fun! We can stay up late, swapping manly stories, and in the morning, I’m making waffles!”


    1. GOOD one… also… I love waffles, just fyi.


  2. I love “Gingy – and my favorite is: Not my gum drop buttons!


    1. Noooooot my gumdrop BUTTONS!


      1. I say this all the time!!! fave line definitely


  3. I’m with aburnett23! We say “and in the morning, I’m making waffles” whenever I make waffles in the morning. Boyfriend probably doesn’t know it’s from Shrek because he hates little kid movies (even as a child he did, because he’s weird.) but he knows exactly the right way to say it!


    1. HOW can someone hate kids movies? Are you dating a troll?


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