Funny Things Friday: Yo, Is This Racist?

My friends are the funniest. They are way funnier than your friends, unless I am one of your friends… then they are not funnier thenĀ that friend.

Because my friends are so funny they are always telling me about hilarious things they read, do, and say. Here is a great example:

Yo, Is This Racist is a hilarious site we should all be reading. Go have a funny.

Happy Friday!


  1. There you go again! I think I will start a blog called “Are You Whitey-Tighty.” What do you think?

    • Haha! That might work… the reality is though, that I (as a Black woman) live in a world where race is always a subject and always a factor. So while to others it might seem that I am harping on something that is removed from them- I am actually just commenting on my everyday experiences. ;)

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