My Listen To Your Mother Performance:: Ann Imig is My Homegirl.

Me reading my piece, “Miracles”

So awhile back I ranted and raved about this super important awesome epic show that I was a a cast member of. People in NWA were all “meh… whatevs”, until we pulled off a damn amazing show, got rave reviews, and suddenly all were despontant with grief that they were not able to be involved with our super important awesome epic show. Well people… the Listen To Your Mother Videos are out! Go watch them! My performance is below for your viewing pleasure.



Thank you Ann Imig for being awesome, for creating this show, and for dancing with me at Sparklecorn.  You are the Yiddish Ivory to my Ebony. You not only are a creative genius, but you can also shake that ass. Both of which are top qualifications I look for in my homegirls.

I hope you are as proud of this as I am.


  1. Not only am I proud of you and your incredible delivery, I’m SO HONORED! (**oak tree** **cabbage patch** **hokey pokey**)

    That last line did me in.

    Thank you so much.

  2. So proud of the job you did in LTYM. I share your miracle story often, even today. I love you and those 3 miracles very much. So glad you are in our family.

  3. I’m so proud of you are such a funny and smart woman and I’m so blessed that you are my daughter every day.

  4. So beautifully said! I hate that I missed this awesome night!!! Next year:)!

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