What Is Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged?

I’ve been to a few blogger conferences. I even went to Blogher ’12 this year… which was epic!  There is Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged, Blogher, Type A, Aiming Low NON CON (which I am a part of the executive planning team!), Blogalicious, and soooo many many more. I gotta say, though, if you are comparing blog conferences  you cannot put AWBU or Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged in this line up. AWBU is in a league of its own.

So what is #AWBU?

Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged Conference is a conference for Arkansas women who blog, who are taking time to unplug, and who are willing to be intentional.

Intentional? What does a conference have to do with that?

AWBU plans their conference from the food, to the setting, to the classes and events offered in a manner that encourages women to reconnect to each other in a face to face way.

Cultivating relationship, both online and off, takes intentional investment, and intentional investment is what this stripped down conference is about.

I attended last year and made a fool of myself by bedazzling my Chacos. To.this.day I am great friends with amazing women I met at this conference, and those who aren’t as close still support my work as a blogger. We are all competitive, for sure… but the level of caring, I think, is unique.

Sure there is swag (we are even getting Country Outfitters BOOTS this year)



At AWBU there are classes/sessions, there are fun giveaways and party time with other bloggers, and there is copious amounts of inappropriate penis jokes (mostly told by me), but what you’ll find MOST at AWBU is a sense of purposely slowing down the pace and being present with each other. Bloggers, Social Media mavens, and all the persuasions therein are plugged into the internet continually. It wouldn’t be out of place for us to tweet each other while sitting in the same room! This pace  is vital for the ever changing inter-webs, but isn’t always the best for human…er….webs. We humans in our human-web crave balance and connection. In a lineup of go go go go fast paced blog conferences, AWBU changes the direction and literally UNPLUGS us from the rat race.  If you go to Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged you’ll find women, mostly from Arkansas, unplugging, unwinding, and reconnecting to each other- intentionally.

Are there negative aspects of AWBU? Yep! You’ll meet people you don’t jive with, go to sessions you don’t benefit from, or maybe even get served food you don’t like. Like anything else, you’ll experience parts you aren’t a fan of— but I think, in large, what you will take away is the impression that these women, the women who plan and operate #AWBU and the women who are drawn in as attendees, are made of something special… something different…and something very intentional.

So come to Arkansas Women Bloggers Unplugged! I’ll be there working hard to be intentional and only tweeting in the bathroom stall when TOTALLY necessary!


  1. Ohhh… sweetie. I am so happy to have you in my circle of friends.


    1. Oh Jack! You are amazing people.


  2. Dude. On a day when I am feeling overwhelmed by all the last-minute details, this completely awesome and well thought out post makes me so happy.

    Plus, intentional is one of my favorite traits and something I aspire to constantly as a mom, wife, blogger and human.

    Really love this – thank you! So glad we get to see your face this weekend! Can’t wait. XO from someone who calls you friend thanks to AWBU Season 1, and thank you kindly for the truly fab words about the league we are in! :)


    1. Happy you liked it… I think I am pretty intentional, so I dig AWBU


  3. I love the idea of an unplugged conference. Where a speaker says: “alright folks, bring out those notebooks and pens.” As if! Have fun.


    1. Well… we bring our phones and laptops, we just don’t spend hours on them. Stop hating!


  4. I love that you bring up the “intentional” thing. I agree. That’s what I like about it also. There are enough of us to learn new things and meet new people, but few enough of us that you can REALLY meet new people and connect with others. I was thinking tonight about this journey from the 1st one last year to this year and all the amazing people I’ve met and kept as friends over this year, and I’m sure it’ll be the same this year. “Intentional.” Yep, sign me up for some of that!


    1. I hope they keep it small… that way they can continue to breed intimate relationships.


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