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We are in full birthday mode around here. Because Addison Roxanna is almost TWO

In the meantime…


I wanted to share a really great site with you. Brad Lawless is a homeboy I met when I started working with Collective Bias. 

Here is the deal-

There are a lot of people who do “the internet and social media thing” for a living, like Brad. They talk and lecture about connectivity, relationships, investing, and all the lovely buzz words that drive social media. Very few of them, however, are like Brad. Brad is putting his REAL self out there. I deeply appreciate that. Moreover, I think this practice of honesty he is engaging in makes him better at what he does.


So I was reading Brad’s Blog and what he wrote about really resonated with me. He talks about the idea of not pushing. I am a pusher. OOoh good lord am I a pusher!  Brad has some really great thoughts about learning when not to push. He evaluates this in light of childbirth- which was brilliant.

Check him out and read this post. It is something I needed to hear. Maybe you need to hear it too.



  1. Leaving my job at JB hunt certainly was a moment where I stopped pushing. It was hard, scary, and still a bit “whoa” but I am glad I did it. Sitting next to Mr. Brown as he beads is where I need and want to be.


  2. Hey Jasmine – Thanks so much for those kind words. I appreciate the link love, but appreciate your honest opinion on my my writing even more than I can express.


    1. Of course, Brad! You are a really thoughtful writer so it made it easy to support your work :)


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