Green Mountain at Fox Run: I’ll be leaving soon!


I have three days before I fly out to Vermont for my stay at Green Mountain at Fox Run.

I am SO afraid.

I am afraid because it will be the FIRST time that I take my eating issues to a professional setting with no distractions. No kids, no work, no school…NOTHING to distract me. It will be an open space to focus on my needs and wellness and the underlying realities of why I have had disorder eating most of my life.  I want to change, seek wholeness, and heal. I DO want those things… but if I am honest- this life of body chaos is all I have known and I am somewhat afraid to let go of it- it has offered a sense of security…no matter how dysfunctional.

Green Mountain at Fox Run is a one of a kind place for women only.  Founded in 1973, Green Mountain at Fox Run is the country’s first and only residential weight loss program exclusively for women. Over the past four decades, they’ve helped thousands of women end struggles with eating, exercise and body image, make long-term lifestyle changes and lose weight healthfully.

I was offered a stay at Green Mountain in exchange for honestly blogging about my experience.

Y’all know me. I’m honest.

I’ll be doing just that. I won’t be glamorizing or sugar coating (mmmmm…. sugar!). I will be writing about my raw experience.

What I love about the Green Mountain approach, so far, is the emphasis message that “the body is good” and a refusal to adopt  a “diet lifestyle”. This approach is about holistic living, being present, listening to ourselves,  and healing.

I am overweight. It is a symptom of something much deeper and I’ll be leaving soon to confront that very thing that is buried down inside my heart.

What are you doing to face yourself?

Food issues are very common, stigmatized, and difficult to talk about realities for so many women.

Check Liz’s blog. She did some awesome work of getting honest with herself and everyone else (the first step to change!)

If you are interested in reading more about what Green Mountain at Fox Run is like check out their webpage or read about them in the Huffington Post. Follow them on Twitter or check them out on Facebook. 

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  1. Liz @ Six Year Itch

    Wow, you’re already there! Thank you for sharing my post, but more than that: this is awesome! And totally scary. I read the HuffPo Q & A and this is something I completely identify with. Lots of hard work to do, but it sounds like this is the place to do it. Sending lots of light and XO.

    Can’t wait to read the journey.

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