1. Ha! I grew up in such a breeding friendly church background it would never have occured to me to think of 3 kids as a large family or something to comment on at all! Sadly though, this did remind me that perhaps I should look into personal boundaries, since I’m pretty sure I ask virtual strangers about their contraception habits and birth plans all the time :)…

    • Haha… That is awesome! Good for you, stay out of people’s lady bits ;)

  2. Jasmin,
    You just gave me a great laugh.
    Hope i have not said any of this! ?
    Your kids are great!
    You are a good momma!


  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I remember those days…and can laugh about them–now! When my youngest was born, her sister was 2 and my oldest was 3 1/2. I had 3 under age 4. I remember being pregnant with the first one, and people held doors for me and helped me with my groceries. When I had 3 under 4, they ran the other way! Juggling the double stroller while carrying a baby in a sling, a diaper bag, snacks and a purse. No one helped at all. They just said things like, “You’ve really got your hands full!” DUH!!! Now that my kids are older (11.5, 10 and 8) you’d think it would be better, but it isn’t really. I get pitiful comments about my state of busy-ness, or people telling me that I should limit my kids activities so that I don’t have to attend 3 basketball games in one day. But it’s my family, my life, and it is what it is. I wouldn’t change it for the world! Keep doing what you’re doing, Jasmin! It is soooo worth all the BS comments and the running around like a crazy woman. So worth it!

    • WP turned my 8 into a smily! My youngest does smile a lot, but she’s proudly 8 years old :)

  4. I have heard all those things you have said except it is usuall said with EXTREME surprise that I would be out with three kids w/out their Mom. I have actually been asked where you were and when I said at home or whatever a look of worry and dread has come across their face.

  5. I’ve learned to enjoy chatting with strangers since moving to the US, but it’s always shocking that along with that comes this cultural (mis)understanding that it’s ok to butt into people’s private lives. There is some serious paranoia about reproduction and sexuality in this country, and I say that as a single girl without kids!

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