Occupy Small Business: Northwest Arkansas Small Business Giveaway- I.M. Spa

Second up in our Occupy Small Business giveaway is I.M. Spa. THIS awesome business has some real substance. The proprietor, Wendy, is an advocate of women and a real honest perceptive of our bodies. To enter our giveaway all ya gotta do is:


1. “Like” I.M. Spa’s facebook page, come back here and leave a comment letting us know you did.


2. Watch our video and tell us one way you pamper yourself.


THIS is what you’ll win. Deep Steep Bubble Bath (perfect for relaxing!), Good Moon handmade soap (smells delicious and is locally made in Fayetteville), and I.M. Spa’s special Relaxation Bath Salts.




*Drum roll* My FIRST homemade video. Keep booing to a minimum please.



Winner of IM SPA giveaway


  1. One way i pamper myself: I like to heat a rice pack up in the microwave and put the warm rice pack on my neck and drink sleepy time tea and read before i go to bed..
    I liked IM Spa on FB.
    Yours truly

  2. Liked!

    Pamper myself? Most days a simple 5 min shower feels like pampering! Extra special, though, is a long, hot bath behind a locked door. Bonus points for something decadent to eat while I’m in there.

  3. Hey, nice job Jasmine! What an interesting background Wendy has. Let’s see…one way I pamper myself is: Occasionally I hole up in bed with lots of blankies and the remote all evening and stare off into a reality show stupor. The bed is my favorite.:)

  4. Hi, I like I.M. Spa’s facebook page. One way I pamper myself is by randomly getting my nails done.

  5. I liked them on fb though it doesn’t begin to describe how much I have loved my experiences there! I wish I had enough money to make weekly visits…that would be the best! I pamper myself by getting a facial every now and then.

  6. Already a Facebook fan. I get periodic massages- it really helps me relax for a small space in time

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