Introducing Project Totus

Something snapped the other day. I have spent years struggling with weight, emotional eating/eating disorder, depression, anxiety…and that is just the start of the list. Something snapped in me and I decided that I was exhausted with the hamster wheel that I was running on. I contacted the editor of the local magazine I write for (Peekaboo) and pitched an idea… I wanted to write a human interest story about my journey to wellness. She agreed that it was a good idea and thus “Project Totus” was born.

Just a couple of weeks earlier I wrote in my journal this: “Jasmine. It is time to change, to learn to be present in your own body, take care of yourself and make yourself a priority.” I wasn’t very good about taking care of myself before I was a mother and once I became a mother I found the perfect excuses for why I couldn’t take care of me- my kids. I have to learn how to care for myself in the best possible ways. I decided I wanted to confront my issues head on and I wanted to do it in a way that, maybe, would help another person like me. I know I am not the only person who has lived like this. You make everyone else a priority because facing yourself is too frightening.

I am going to face myself finally. I determined that my journey to wellness, wholeness, had to being by assembling a team of educated people who could help me alone this journey.

I have partnered with Lean Green Cuisine, 3DPT , and I.M. Spa to create Project Totus. “Totus” is Latin for “whole” and I thought it was the perfect sentiment for what I want to become.

I will work with Judy from Lean Green Cuisine to learn a new way to eat. A Vegan/Vegetarian meal plan will help me eliminate my food addictions that I have used to cope in years passed as well as replenish vital nutrients I have lost with years of abuse. I have an arsenal of cookbooks and references at my disposal to learn how to TRULY nourish my body with what I eat.

Noel, from 3DPT, has joined me as my personal trainer. He plans to teach me about body mechanics and show me effective ways to provide my body with quality aerobic exercise. The goal will be for Noel to equip me with the best workouts that I can do at home or alone in the gym and create a habit that will last a lifetime.

Wendy from I.M. Spa will be cheering me on at my proverbial “finish line”. At the end of six weeks I plan to evaluate how far I have come. At I.M. Spa, Wendy emphasizes the importance of whole beauty. At the end of my six weeks I get to treat myself to a makeover compliments of I.M. Spa, just another thing to motivate me along the way.

I will also be seeing a psychologist about some of my destructive emotional eating habits. I am doing all these things before your eyes. Why? I don’t know… maybe for accountability. My biggest hope is that I can do this and show other people that I, an average mom of three, can do it- and so others can do it too. We can learn to be whole. It takes works and intentional living but it is a real achievable goal.

This project isn’t about weight loss, food morals, or any other number of things. I chose these people to join me on this journey because their beliefs about their disciplines and practices resonated with me.What this project IS about is learning to not compartmentalize our lives and to live fully integrated. Whole.

I hope you’ll follow me in the weeks to come.



  1. I’m so excited about this for you! I’ll be cheering you on! thanks for your raw openess and honesty. You’re beautiful!

    • The coop has been a great resource for this. You know the coop right, where *WE* fell in love ;)

  2. I am over here cheering you on. As someone who has yo-yo’d with her weight the last 10 years, I totally understand. You got this, honey baby doll!

  3. You know the struggles I’ve had with my weight so I completely understand and am so proud of you! You’re so strong and will do great!

    • Thanks Holly! I appreciate your support. This will be difficult as hell, but I know I have a great group of people cheering me on, you being one of them ;)

  4. Can’t wait to hear about how things improve inside! I know you are strong enough to do all of it! How inspiring you are Jasmine! I’m tossing around this vegan healthy food idea myself. We need nutrition to be physically and mentally alert!!!

    • I have always been an advocate of organic and free range food, but this takes it a bit farther. After a lot of studying about how brain chemistry works I have begun to realize that a serious impact on my anxiety and depression has been from lack of macro and micro nutrient dense foods. I was eating them, just not in a quantity high enough to give me what I need… so here is to the project! Hope it inspires you!

  5. Yay! You go girl!

    Question…I see you are going vegan/vegetarian…are you cutting anything else out? Like only whole grains, or anything?

    I haven’t gone vegan, or vegetarian, but I have been slowly reducing my animal intake. It’s amazing how you start loving whole foods more and more the more you eat them!

    • Nope. Keeping grains. I am doing six weeks of vegan/vegetarian to sort of jumpstart a lifestyle of wellness. We will ultimately, I imagine, cut out a HUGE portion of meat, but keep fish eggs, and some dairy. We will see. It is a process.

  6. Yeah yeah Jasmine!
    I’m so excited for you to do this and can’t wait to hear about the vegan cheesecake : )

  7. I’m excited for you! I can’t wait to see where the six weeks take you, and I’m looking forward to learning some tips and tricks, too.

  8. I’ll be here cheering you on too. I need to do something like this. I’m a bit in denial and don’t have enough time. Which is totally sad and terrifying. I feel like I’m at a place where I’m finally doing something I love, but it’s eating 20 hours of my day. If I put me first, then where would all the opportunities go. You can do this and I’m happy you have made yourself a priority. This is a well-rounded plan that hits the whole person as opposed to a number. I like that.

    • I squealed when I saw you commented on my blog. What the hell is wrong with me… OR what the hell is *right* with me, eh? THANKS Liz. The support is huge.

  9. Ok–I’m here too. I’ll cheer you on and see what I can learn from you. One more resource for you…Experience Life magazine. One of the regular contributors is a food psychologist…his name escapes me…I won a contest and got 8 weeks of phone meetings with him. I’ll get more info on him to send you.
    Yay Jasmine!!!!!!
    Lisa Maley Chatlin

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